Acel Conference

Are you committed to achieving outstanding student outcomes?

The learning experience at this conference will focus on the following key themes: 

  • Quality teaching, including the quality of, and access to professional development and performance feedback;
  • Quality learning that meets the needs of individual students;
  • Empowering school leadership that results in greater authority for school leaders to make decisions affecting their schools and their communities; and
  • Strengthening of parent and community engagement that provides results in stronger partnerships between schools and parents and families.

How do school leaders continue to work in these priority areas along with other local priorities?

How can leaders invigorate and refresh existing strategies that are already in place?

What is the current research and commentary in these priority areas?

This conference provides a multinational platform to critically examine the direction that education should take in the challenging years ahead. Setting the learning agenda for tomorrow involves looking at the big picture and optimising students’ potential through educators’ passion and purpose. The conference aims to answer the challenging issues of today through evidence-based testing, performance evaluations, economic and policy analysis and research. We aim to include diverse contributions to shift your thinking, expand your network and transform your practice at the ACEL 2014 National Conference.